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Professional Consulting

Let Us Put Our Drug Development Expertise to Work on Your Project

With years experience in drug discovery and development and proven track records of advancing projects from lead development to clinical trial and product launch, our professional consultants have multi-disciplinary skills including pharmacology, PK/PD, medicinal chemistry, toxicology, project management and regulatory strategy and submission.

Senior Consultants

  • Brian R. Bond, PhD – Pharmacology
    Dr. Bond has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug development advancing numerous compounds from preclinical to clinical development.
  • Sandy Curtiss, PhD – Safety/Toxicology
    Dr. Curtiss has 15 years of experience in investigative toxicology advancing numerous compounds through development in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • John Walker, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry
    Dr. Walker has 12 years of pharmaceutical research experience with Searle, Pharmacia and Pfizer where he co-invented seven clinical candidates in multiple therapeutic areas.
  • Jon Jacobsen, PhD – Medicinal Chemistry
    Dr. Jacobsen had a distinguished, 25 year career with Upjohn, Pharmacia, and Pfizer where he led teams that advanced eight compounds from Lead Development through Phase I/II clinical studies.
  • John Long, DVM, DACLAM – Veterinarian
    Dr. Long is chairman of the Comparative Medicine Department at Saint Louis University and also has experience supporting drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.